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What is CTG?

CTG Kurdistan is a Kurdish counter-terrorism Group that was set up by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in 2002 with U.S. assistance against the threat of Ansar al-Islam in the Halabja region.
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What is ISIS Hunting Club?

ISIS HUNTING CLUB is a Special part of CTG Kurdistan they appeared in 2014 against the isis terrorists
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What Does CTG Kurdistan Do?

Whatever the target of terrorists, there are multiple ways of hardening the targets to prevent the terrorists from hitting their mark, or reducing the damage of attacks. One method is to place Hostile vehicle mitigation to enforce protective standoff distance outside tall or politically sensitive buildings to prevent car and truck bombing. Another way to reduce the impact of attacks is to design buildings for rapid evacuation.
Local security
Again under an incident command model, local police can isolate the incident area, reducing confusion, and specialized police units can conduct tactical operations against terrorists, often using specialized counter-terrorist tactical units. Bringing in such units will typically involve civil or military authority beyond the local level.
Damage mitigation
Fire departments, perhaps supplemented by public works agencies, utility providers (e.g., gas, water, electricity), and heavy construction contractors, are most apt to deal with the physical consequences of an attack.
Medical services
Emergency medical services will triage, treat, and transport the more severely affected victims to hospitals, which will need mass casualty and triage plans in place.